- MTMI is capable of any type of project, from new construction to rehabs, remodels, and service work.  Our specialty is multi-family residential and new warehouse construction, but we are always on the lookout for a new challenge.   

- MTMI provides complete plumbing service from sewer work to rough and finish done by qualified professionals and scheduled to meet your deadline. 

- On-site excavation and spoil hauling are available, performed by experienced MTMI operators using MTMI's equipment.  We have a fleet of trucks and equipment available to meet your needs.   

- Currently licensed in Pennsylvania (including Allegheny County), Ohio, and West Virginia.  MTMI will pursue licensing in other states as needed for large projects. 

- MTMI is certified for sewer lines, gas services, and water services; as well as dye testing and backflow prevention testing.  ASSE and NASSCO certified technicians are available.  

- Camera service, Vactor service, drain cleaning, and other residential service work (leaks, drips, fixture repairs and replacements, etc.) are offered in the greater Pittsbugh area. 

Arsenal 201
12 month progress